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6 Case Variety Pack - Option #1

Idk what you put on these but there taste amazing

Im eating them rn

The taste of sunshine and laughter

This is the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. Wow. I didn't know dill pickle could reach this level and I am so tickled to have found it. I buy 6 bags Everytime I go to the grocery store.

Another Flavour Touch Down !

Last week tried the Buttery Herb and Garlic. Total 100% product. So ordered a mix case Buttery Herb & Garlic and Smooth Cheddar Ranch . Well it arrived today. It was in the house and less than a minute later. Yup snacking frenzy . Amazing flavour . Perfection.
Then it hit me . A loaded baked potato. Yes crumbled Smooth Cheddar Ranch on top of the sour cream, butter , diced green onion & cooked crumbled bacon . Only regrets. I should have purchased a bigger box . Great Pretzel taste thats not over powered by the herbs and spices .

Amazing Flavour

I just as in a few minutes ago , Super Bowl Sunday . Tried the Buttery Herb & Garlic Pretzels . OMG delicious ! They were in a gift pack from friends . I’m now an addict . The balance of herbs garlic salt butter flavour is by far the best snack I’ve ever eaten. I looking forward to ordering and trying other types. Just WOW ! No other pretzel comes close to this product .

Great Product

Twigz pretzels are the best snacks you could ever have. The dill pickle one is our staff's and customer's favourite.


I've been looking for a new snack and these hit the spot . So yummy ! Cant wait to try the other flavors.

I really didn’t think any other pretzel could come close to the dill pickle flavour but the smooth cheddar ranch is definitely a close second! Absolutely delicious and just the exact perfect amount of flavour!!!

AMAZING!!! Hands down the best flavoured pretzel EVER!!!

Customers Love Twigz !

Recently brought in Twigz to test the market for these tasty treats and my customers are loving them ( so is my staff ) ! All the flavours are selling quickly and I just ordered more ( doubled my original order ). Customer support has been second to none, thanks Catherine for all your help !


My fav is the dill pickle...i doubted the flavour before trying. OOPS!!!! A staple in our home now as they are above expectation! Im not a spicy fan...herb and garlic YES! thank you for your creation!!!!! Love love love!

6 Case Variety Pack - Option #2

Loved the flavour of them all shipping took a while to be delivered but amazing product

These are great!’

Love these our new fav snack . Please make more flavours :)

Fave snack

Absolutely love these. The dill pickle is my favourite. The other flavours are awesome too. Buy them every week


Really nice flavour, love the crunch!

So good.

These have become my go-to snack. I can’t get enough of them. I recommend them to everyone.

The best pretzels on the market!

You need to try all of the great flavours of the pretzels.


I have been so obsessed with these pretzels! Me and my sister crush a bag every two days.. each. It’s embarrassing but I wouldn’t have it any other way

I love every single flavour but nothing beats the original buttery herb and garlic for me. Can’t wait to see what other flavours get released, wishing this company all the best, gods gift to earth you sweet angel babies keep making these delicious little pieces of heaven. You are loved. You are appreciated. Thank you for your service, job well done. chefs kiss. obsessed. BIG fan.


Bet you can’t just eat one.
They are the best pretzels ever. Perfection.
Larger bags would be amazing.


Omg I never liked pretzels till now. Can you please make bigger bags and send more to the stores. The dill pickle is always sold out..grr.


Boooommmmm ! Explosion de saveur et très bon j'adore ! mais rare en magasin ..devant un film,au poker , en voiture et surtout avec une petite bière merci et bon succès


These ares so yummy! Next time I find them I am buying them in bulk


These are so so good. Can't wait to try other flavors.

So Good

These pretzels are reminiscent of Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels from the US! Wish they came in bigger bags, since they are so addicting!

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