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Insanely delicious.

I had taken a couple of Air Canada flights recently and learned Twigz was being offered. Wow! Absolutely delicious. A superior product!


I LOVE dill pickle even put it on pizza. So when I found dill pickle pretzels were a thing I was all in. Had to find the BEST tried lots of brands TWIGZ really are the best. They stay crunchy and the flavour is awesome.

The best pretzel chip!

Fell in love with Twigz - especially Zesty Dill Pickle! Pretzels are the new Chips! Lets go Canada!

Variety Pack
Perfect snack

First time I tried these was on a flight with Air Canada 🇨🇦. Perfect snack, tasty and filling. Ordered a bunch as soon as I got home. They are sooooo good !!!

Elevated Pretzels!

Just made a re order of these fantastic pretzels! I have tasted all flavours now and my favs are the cheddar and the roasted jalapeno... nice kick pairs well with a chilled white. Great find and made in Canada 🇨🇦👍!

So Good I had to Order More

I was given these pretzels on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto they were great. I looked up the company and ordered more literally the day I returned home. And I will likely order more after I am done these.

So Good!

First time I had these was on an Air Canada flight. Ever since then I've been hooked!

These are good!

These are so good. My 1st time I had them on for canada 🇨🇦 😅. So I kept the bag cuz I wanted to buy them on Amazon or Walmart but couldn't find it. I was highly upset but then I found there fb page. 😅😅 these pretzels are amazing my favorite 1 is the buttery herb & Garlic .


Wonderfully low carb

I absolutely love that I found these. The flavour is excellent, the crunch amazing and only approx 1 carb per stick I can snack guilt-free (5 as a crunchy flavourful snack is satisfying). I do wish I could get them on Amazon instead of hit or miss at my local grocery store.

Little Garlic Breads

These are like tiny, crunchy, garlic bread pieces. The butter flavour sets them apart from any other "garlic and herb" flavoured snack item out there. These are fantastic.

Delicious! Had it on an Air Canada flight and had to get more!

Changed my life.

Fellow Canadian here and I just want to say these pretzels have changed my life. My favorite flavour is the butter herb. It’s perfectly buttery, and has the perfect amount of punch. Finding these one day on a pharmaprix shelf has actually changed my life. I have been recently been going through a rough time, and your pretzels made me super happy for the first time in a long time. They were comforting. Sounds stupid for a pretzel, but it meant the world to me. I will be a die hard fan forever! Keep it up and please never go out of business!!!!

Zesty Dill Pickle addict

I can't get enough of these and I can't say enough good things about them. I will never go back to any other brand. My biggest complaint is that my grocery store is always sold out. I love them.

I want this seasoning on everything!

Tried these on a whim when I saw them on sale and I am HOOKED! They are so tasty, and the perfect mid afternoon snack! I tried the other flavours and this one is by far my fav, the perfect about of zest that kind of makes you pucker in the best way! I want this seasoning on everything!!! I admittedly use the leftover seasoning when I finish a bag on my meals… definitely recommend!

6 Case Variety Pack - Option #1
Aaron M.

6 Case Variety Pack - Option #1

Idk what you put on these but there taste amazing

Im eating them rn

The taste of sunshine and laughter

This is the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. Wow. I didn't know dill pickle could reach this level and I am so tickled to have found it. I buy 6 bags Everytime I go to the grocery store.

Another Flavour Touch Down !

Last week tried the Buttery Herb and Garlic. Total 100% product. So ordered a mix case Buttery Herb & Garlic and Smooth Cheddar Ranch . Well it arrived today. It was in the house and less than a minute later. Yup snacking frenzy . Amazing flavour . Perfection.
Then it hit me . A loaded baked potato. Yes crumbled Smooth Cheddar Ranch on top of the sour cream, butter , diced green onion & cooked crumbled bacon . Only regrets. I should have purchased a bigger box . Great Pretzel taste thats not over powered by the herbs and spices .

Amazing Flavour

I just as in a few minutes ago , Super Bowl Sunday . Tried the Buttery Herb & Garlic Pretzels . OMG delicious ! They were in a gift pack from friends . I’m now an addict . The balance of herbs garlic salt butter flavour is by far the best snack I’ve ever eaten. I looking forward to ordering and trying other types. Just WOW ! No other pretzel comes close to this product .

6 Case Variety Pack - Option #1
Oksana K.
Great Product

Twigz pretzels are the best snacks you could ever have. The dill pickle one is our staff's and customer's favourite.


I've been looking for a new snack and these hit the spot . So yummy ! Cant wait to try the other flavors.

I really didn’t think any other pretzel could come close to the dill pickle flavour but the smooth cheddar ranch is definitely a close second! Absolutely delicious and just the exact perfect amount of flavour!!!

AMAZING!!! Hands down the best flavoured pretzel EVER!!!

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