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Omg I never liked pretzels till now. Can you please make bigger bags and send more to the stores. The dill pickle is always sold out..grr.


Boooommmmm ! Explosion de saveur et très bon j'adore ! mais rare en magasin ..devant un film,au poker , en voiture et surtout avec une petite bière merci et bon succès


These ares so yummy! Next time I find them I am buying them in bulk


These are so so good. Can't wait to try other flavors.

So Good

These pretzels are reminiscent of Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels from the US! Wish they came in bigger bags, since they are so addicting!

Please restock!

These are delicious and my favorite snack but I’m never able to buy a bulk package. Please restock soon!

Best snack food

I received one bag in a locally made gift basket. A few short hours later I found myself ordering a variety pack. A couple weeks later I found myself ordering a case lot. The spice is very full-body. The dill is delicious. The garlic is phenomenal. No regrets, a worthy snack investment.

Holy **** Amazing!

I bought one of these bags at the co-op on a whim, pricey, but I liked the sound of Fire Roasted Jalapeno. I ate three twigz and found myself immediately on the website ordering 12 bags. Buttery like movie theatre popcorn, crunchy, excellent texture, and the flavor... Boom! Have you ever scraped your finger into the folds of the bag to get every little bit of dust? This guy did. Twigz is like the colonel, with his wee beady eyes, putting addictive ingredients in his chicken... These pretzels are insanely delicious and highly addictive. 3 to 9 business days can't come fast enough.

Seriously frickin tasty!

I went to the local Canadian Superstore and picked it up and thought...hmm this might be too expensive but i gave it a try and i'm so glad i did! I'd love if they made a bundle called 'sampler package' where people can taste all the different flavors with one purchase and then whichever one they like they can then order the 6/12 - pack for that particular one. It'll also help from a data centric focal point to determine the best way Twigz can grow from a user review standpoint.


This product is absolutely delicious. Zesty Dill Pickle restock asap 😋

Mixed Flavours - 12 Pack
So Soooo Good!

Really love all the flavours so much that I can't say that one is a favourite over the others - they are all amazing! Also so pleased that my child with a peanut allergy is able to have these - so many times when you find something new and exciting with different flavours we have to leave it on the shelf because it may contain peanuts. Definitely an outstanding product and I will be purchasing more and also crossing my fingers that additional flavours become available (yes please!). Thank you for these perfectly pleasing pretzels!!

Buttery Herb & Garlic - 12 Pack
Love these

these have got to be my favourite pretzels ever. so much flavour and the spices are amazing. will definitely be ordering more....

Zesty Dill Pickle & Fire Roasted Jalapeño - 6 Pack
Highly Highly Recommend

A taste to never want to give up. The dill is amazingly powerful and tasty. Highly recommend this product. Being from Ontario this was my first order but won't be my last

Amazing! <3

This is my new favourite snack. I am basically dill pickle obsessed, and I could not wait to try these. These pretzels are buttery, and delicious. The dill pickle flavour is amazing. It's good, and strong but not overpowering. Also, they are low carb, fat, and calories!

Absolutely Love the Original Flavor!

Definitely recommend this product! Best Pretzels out there!! Thank you for creating such an amazing snack!💗💐💗

Zesty Dill Pickle - 12 Pack

Seriously the best pretzel around! The Dill pickle is amazing :)

Zesty Dill Pickle & Fire Roasted Jalapeño - 6 Pack

Literally so delicious, these will be a weekly purchase moving forward, also love supporting family businesses!

My New Fav

I am so enjoying the Zesty Dill Pickle Pretzels. Bought them first time today. Will be in my shopping cart on a regular basis. Can't wait to try the other flavors. Great job Twigz!

Buttery Herb & Garlic & Fire Roasted Jalapeño - 6 Pack
Best pretzels.

These are so tasty! I'm so impressed with these pretzels. The flavours are awesome & the pretzel is great texture & perfect size! So love em!! Mmmmm!

Zesty Dill Pickle - 12 Pack

Amazing pretzels. Need to be sold in a bigger bag! Also need to be sold in the USA!


I could eat these all day. The best pretzel I’ve had. Definitely buying these again!


I love every flavour so much, I'm plowing through a bag a day. They try to make me go to rehab, but I say NO NO NO!

Excellent Taste!

Buttery Flavoured Deliciousness. Mmmmm.
Love the low carbs and sugars, Thank You!

All Time Favourite Snack Food!

Wow, Twigz! You have truly outdone yourselves with these incredible pretzel snacks. I share these will all of my friends and family, and always have my cupboard stocked! These are a MUST TRY!

Delicious pretzels!

These have become the new staple in our house and for all our gatherings. They are nothing like the pretzels you think you know. ALL the flavors are amazing and although each one of our household has their own favorite we still race to get to the bottom of each bag.

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