Original Blend - 6 Pack
Original Blend - 6 Pack
Original Blend - 6 Pack
Original Blend - 6 Pack
Original Blend - 6 Pack
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Original Blend - 6 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Original Blend - 6 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Original Blend - 6 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Original Blend - 6 Pack

Original Blend - 6 Pack

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Twigz Original Blend pretzels are carefully crafted, seasoned with garlic, spices and a hint of lemon, then baked in small batches for a deeply satisfying, buttery flavour that will keep you coming back for more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

LOVE Twigz!! The flavours are OUTSTANDING! Who knew something that tastes this good, can be a healthy snack?!
I've got all my friends and family addicted ;) and do my best to sell bags when I'm in the grocery store....YUM! Try them today!!

Janice L.
Great pretzel, amazing taste - but why such a small bag?

Loved these from the very moment I tasted them...my only issue is with the size of the bag. Why aren't these sold in bigger bags? For the cost of the item, bags should be bigger!

Judith V.

The BEST PRETZEL I’ve ever tasted.
Goodbye Dill Pickle Chips and hello TWIGZ.

Kristina L.
Perfectly Seasoned

I have just discovered these and I’m literally eating the entire bag as I write this. I want to try the dill pickle now!

Erin B.

I just discovered these. Simply AMAZING!!!

Jaclyn L.
Welcome to flavour country: this is a BIG DILL

Let me start off by saying that I don't usually write reviews. It takes a very noteworthy experience for me to bother writing a review. But these...THESE. These are ridiculous. I bought some at a local pharmacy, went back, cleared their shelves of the dill flavour and just bought more online. These tasty lil' snacks are the best thing that's happened to me in 2 years. This is the little zesty twist I needed in my life. My new favourite go-to snack. I'm gifting bags to friends, bringing them to dinner parties, doodling them in my notebook - I preach the Twigz gospel. If you're on the fence about these, don't buy them. More for me. These are a true Canadian treasure, like Don Cherry or Shawn Mendes. These deserve a podium, a parade, a federal holiday and a day of worship. Blessed be the inventors of these INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS lil' flavour explosions. 11/10

Katie W.
Best Snack Ever!

Twigz pretzels are SO good, I can't get enough of them! The original flavour is my favourite, but the Dill & Jalapeno are such a nice change as well! I always bring Twigz to social gatherings for others to try and they are always a huge hit. It's so awesome to be able to support a local, female-owned business!

Kim O.
I'm Now an Incurable Twigz Addict

Ditto to Amanda B!! I just can't stop eating these, I started out buying just one bag, now it's at least 6! My husband thought I was mental, but a couple of Twigz samples later and he was hooked. Now I have to share. :o( A little tricky to find sometimes where I live, I've driven all over the place to find them, and when I do, it's hard not to clean the place out! I'm looking forward to trying the new flavors, I haven't seen them just yet, I've been working really hard on my Twigz sharing skills, I've been making addicts out of friends and family too by giving them just one precious bag to try. They're like gold I tell ya! The more Twigz addicts the better I say, I hope you sell zillions. I'm starting to get some anxiety now, I'm down to my last bag. :oO!!! Where's my keys..... Keep rockin' the pretzel world and please always keep the original flavor! 10 stars!!

Ian B.
Best snack food, best customer service. An all around top company!

I ordered a box of 12 of the original flavour as a gift for my sister. She loved them and I hadn't even tried them yet.
After trying these, I am convinced they're the best savoury snack food in existence.
Not only that, there was some minor damage while shipping and Twigz went above and beyond what I expected.
This is a fantastic product backed by a fantastic company.


I loved the original flavour and would grab a bag, or two, or three whenever I was at my local Sobey’s. They haven’t been able to keep them stocked for awhile now, and after the car accident I was in a couple weeks ago, I just really wanted a good snack type food. I ended up here on the website and ordered a whole bunch of the original flavour and few bags of the new flavours to try them out. All of them are stellar and will 100% be purchasing each flavour again. Twigz is my favourite snack!

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